Brackets for every application


Military | When tactics are called for.

Tactical action requires a trained procedure.

With a high-end Molle System mount for vehicles, you bring all your equipment, be it your weapon, backpack or state-of-the-art reconnaissance optics, into the operations room and are thus able to act quickly and tactically in any situation!


Rescue | When seconds count.

When it really comes down to it, every move has to be perfect.

Thanks to the stable mounting plate, every piece of equipment remains in its intended place during the journey to the site of operation, so it is quickly within reach in an emergency and you can save lives!

fire extinguisher holder-car

Hunting | When precision is crucial.

No matter whether it's a hunting rifle, binoculars or a sighting device. With the holder for weapons and equipment in your car or SUV, you are perfectly prepared for your hunt or fishing trip!


Private | When safety comes first.

Covert operations require modern equipment. With a pistol mount for the vehicle in the back seat or an assault rifle mount for the boot, you're ready to go!